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Vietnamese woman harvesting water lilies in Ninh Binh, Vietnam

This is our E-Commerce site. If you are looking for 2D & 3D Art and Animation outsourcing for games, click below

Welcome from Vietnam

Glenda Studio is a 2D & 3D art outsourcing company located in magical Saigon, Vietnam.

Specializing in all types of 3D art for discerning clients from furniture, tools, retail items, watches & jewellery, industrial & scientific equipment to vehicles & environments, we can do it all.

Glenda Studio is your creative, dependable & affordable outsourcing partner.

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 3D Art Outsourcing Studio

runs through our blood!!

Breathtaking rice terraces in Vietnam

Adapting to all challenges.


Maybe you are an architectural firm working on a project or a furniture manufacturer looking for assets for a presentation or website. Then look no further than Glenda Studio, Vietnam for all your 3D outsourcing needs, we can create from 1 to 2000 models per month. Having worked for the past 8 years for numerous International manufacturing firms, building relationships , providing reliable, dependable service, highly detailed artwork always delivered on time all for an affordable price.

At Glenda art outsourcing Studio, Vietnam we pride ourselves in the quality of our highly detailed cars, bikes and other vehicles. Working on hundreds of models for different industries, our talented team of over 45 experienced vehicle modelers can create the vehicle of your choice, with lifelike realism, from small details to realistic textures. 

We can cater to retail stores, packaging manufactures, industrial tools or equipment manufacturers, designers for the web or metaverse. We can design your 3D product line, a custom model for a website or design a NFT collection for you. Just call and ask, we will say yes! 

At Glenda Studio we have an amazing team of talented artists ready to help you create that realistic model of a beautiful timepiece or exquisite line of jewellery. Whether you are looking to archive a one of a king heirloom to creating a product line for a website, no job is too big or small. Get in touch with us for a quote.

Watches & Jewellery

Modern Interior
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