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About Us

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Making the world happy - One piece of art at a time.

Glenda Studio is an elite 3D art outsourcing studio located in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Vietnam. Offering exceptional quality, reliable and unmatched customer service, products always delivered on time, all for an affordable price.

Let Glenda Studio be your 3D design outsourcing company of choice.

We Make it Awesome!

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Our Story

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From Humble beginnings in 2014 -a team of 10 artists working out of a home office-to our beautiful , custom built, secure and modern office in a technology park in District 12, Saigon.

Glenda 3D art design studio is currently at 45 talented artists and a close team of  10 managers with plans to expand to 64 artists within the next few months.

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to find out more about our move into our new location

Learn about our Production Team here

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Meet The Team

This is the latest photograph of the staff at Glend studio, Vietnam 3d outsourcing team

Some of our talented artists & management

Glenda Studio takes pride in the dedicated team of amazing artists it has assembled,  bringing years of experience and creativity to the 3D art outsourcing world.

Our 45 elite 3D artists and 5 3D animators bring-

 Exceptional quality and service in :-

All for a comparably reasonable price

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Our Clients

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